Radio Tower is a brief text-based adventure in which you play the role of Anthony Martin and must try to rescue your friend from a mysterious natural disaster. Uncover multiple endings as you explore a world where time and choices matter.


Verb/Noun Text parser - Limited but allows for many types of actions

Multiple endings - Your fate will be determined by your choices.

Dynamic events - Experience special events based on time, location, and previous actions

Semi-open world - Participate in the main quest or not. Sometimes you need to nope out of a situation.


This project was started as a tool to learn to code but grew to much more. Made with Godot and with the help of many online tutorials, including the fantastic text adventure tutorial by jmbiv. Thanks to all the online learning resources that helped develop my skills to allow me to put my ideas into this project.


Writing, coding, art: Brojman

Font: Epson Pixeled by myname5749

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